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New construction and renovation

Custom Design  we create one of a kind furniture, accessories and all things imaginable​​

Project Management  ​we handle your build-out & renovations​​​​ and leave you worry free

Purchasing & Administration  we specify, purchase, and track all of your merchandise​​

Space Planning  we offer custom floor plans, so you can maximize your living space

Decorating & Accessories  we'll finish off any room with our professional touches


Professional Consulting  ​we assist other designers located out of state or country

Commercial Design  ​we'll make your business stand out for all the right reasons with our designs

Developer Models  ​we provide the right furnishings and designer touches to ensure your models sell

Retail Shopping  we shop locally and/or online for fabric, furniture, and/or accessory selections

Causa Design Group
Florida Interior Designer
​Lauderdale - Boca - Miami​

Tel (954) 652-1714

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